Why Asphalt Is A Good Choice For Your Driveway Or Parking Lot

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Asphalt, sometimes referred to as blacktop, remains one of the most popular types of materials available when constructing a new driveway or parking lot. If you are in need of such construction at your home or business, here's why you should contact a local asphalt paving company today.

Incredibly Durable With Little Maintenance

Asphalt is simply put one of the most durable substances you can use for any driveway or parking lot. It's not uncommon for asphalt paving to last one or two decades or even longer before needing to be replaced, as long as the owner is performing regular maintenance.

But with that said, it's also important to note that asphalt maintenance is usually pretty simple. Just call your asphalt paving company back out once a year or as needed to add a fresh layer of asphalt, and you will be good to go. It's much easier to get asphalt looking great again when compared with trying to fix cracking concrete or brick.

Get It Installed Quickly

A new asphalt driveway or even an entire parking lot can be put down in just a few hours to maybe a day. You'll have to stay off of the asphalt while it settles or cools for the rest of the weekend, but in short, you can get your new installation taken care of and get your parking lot or driveway back to normal in relatively little time. Your business won't lose as much downtime, and your kids can head back out for their next street hockey game before you know it.

It's Not Expensive

Exact prices for asphalt will vary over time, but in general, you will likely find that a new asphalt driveway is less expensive than what it would cost to install new concrete or brick over the same area. You can get your driveway or parking lot looking great again without putting a dent in your bank account or hurting your company's bottom line.

It's Good for the Environment

If you are also worried about your family's or company's environmental footprint on the Earth, you'll be happy to know that asphalt is a recyclable material. In fact, many paving companies actually use asphalt made from the previous asphalt when creating a new mix. You'll feel good about this during the initial installation, and when the day does come to replace your asphalt driveway with another fresh installation, your old driveway can be completely recycled.

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