Ready For Spring? 4 Steps To Help Your Commercial Parking Lot Recover From Winter

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Winter is finally winding down. Now you can start to focus on the spring cleaning for your commercial building. If you haven't placed your parking lot on your maintenance list, now's the time to do that. The list provided below will help your parking lot recover from the long winter.

Clear Away the Remnants of Winter

Your commercial parking lot has just survived a brutal winter. If it was subjected to ice and snow, there's probably still a thick coating of deicing agents across the surface of your asphalt.

If that remains in place throughout the spring and summer, you could face an increased risk of asphalt degradation. Unfortunately, if that happens, you'll be investing in a new parking lot sooner than you might have anticipated.

To protect your parking lot, start spring with a thorough cleaning. Washing your parking lot will remove all the remaining deicing agents that might still be present.

Provide Protection From Spring Rain

You might think that the risk is gone once winter moves on. However, that's not actually the case. In fact, spring rains can do considerable damage to your parking lot, especially if it hasn't received the proper protection.

If you look closely at your asphalt parking lot, you'll see tiny spaces throughout the asphalt. If your asphalt isn't protected, water can seep through those spaces, causing cracks to appear. To avoid that, you need to have your parking lot sealed with a waterproof sealant before the spring rains arrive in all their torrential force.

Ensure the Completion of Necessary Repairs

If winter left you with a damaged parking lot, which can happen if you've had to have ice and snow scraped off the surface on a daily basis, you need to take care of the repairs as soon as possible. Cracks and potholes in your parking lot can lead to further destruction if they're not taken care of quickly enough.

In fact, cracks and potholes can cause the asphalt to degrade and crumble. When that happens, the damage will be much more difficult to repair. Increase the life expectancy of your parking lot by having a commercial paving contractor come out and take care of the necessary repairs.

Take Care of the Identifying Markers

When it comes to your parking lot, you want to make sure that the lines and identifying markers are visible. That includes the color markings on your curbs.

Now that the weather has warmed up, make an appointment to have your parking lot relined and painted. If you're not sure where your red zones should be placed, contact your city planners office. They'll come out and show you where all your zones should be marked on your curb.