Causes Of Frequent Commercial Asphalt Service Repairs

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Does the asphalt paving on your commercial property have cracks? If so, you might view it as an eyesore and you may even have concerns about safety. For example, a parking lot that is in need of various repairs can cause people to injure themselves or affect the driving condition of vehicles. Some commercial property owners get frustrated if they have to make parking lot repairs regularly. The following are a few reasons you may find yourself continuously getting your parking lot repaired. 

Temperature Fluctuations

Changes in the temperature can cause unexpected pavement damage. UV rays from the sun can cause asphalt to become brittle, which can make it crack. Cold temperatures can result in shrinkage, which can also result in damage. This is why it is good to use a commercial paving contractor as a resource to determine whether your lot is at risk for premature damage. They can also determine what has caused the existing damage. 

Weak Base

If the base of your lot is weak or has weak areas, then you might have several small cracks in concentrated areas. These are sometimes referred to as alligator cracks. They occur as a result of weight being placed on paving that has a weak base. For example, if the base of your lot is weak, it may not be able to sustain the weight of heavy trucks.

Drainage Issues

Asphalt is a penetrable paving material. This is why proper drainage is essential to ensuring its longevity. If there are drainage issues, water will penetrate and not have a way to exit, which can break down the material over time. It can also penetrate into the base and make it weak too. 

Ground Settlement

Sometimes commercial property owners look at the things that they can see and try to figure out what might be causing their paving damages. Perhaps your parking lot was replaced a few years ago. It is possible that the underlying ground has settled and negatively impacted your parking lot. Growing tree roots and soil erosion are two examples of things that can alter ground settlement, but you may not be aware of these issues. It is also possible that you have heavy landmarks on your property that are making the ground settle and causing pavement cracks. 


When you get your parking lot replaced, you likely will view it as an investment. Proper care can ensure that it lasts a long time, but at some point, it will need to be replaced again. Some property owners expect their lots to last indefinitely and attempt to make repairs when replacements are needed. This is why it is ideal to think about the age of your lot if it has been requiring repairs in short stretches of time.