3 Important Reasons To Have Parking Lot Striping Done In Your Public Parking Lot

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If you have a parking lot that you are going to be using for public parking, then it is definitely in your best interest to have stripes painted on. You can have these stripes painted on professionally so that they are all uniform and the paint doesn't peel. This article will discuss three important reasons to have parking lot striping done in your public parking lot. 

It Creates Safe Parking Spots For All Vehicles

One of the most important reasons to have parking stripes painted onto your lot is to provide clear parking spots for all vehicles. Your parking spaces will designate a place for all sizes of vehicles to park safely and correctly. This lessens the chance of one vehicle parking too close to another one, and may also reduce the number of parking-related damages, such as door dings. Also, having actual spaces for people to park reduces the possibility of someone trying to park illegally.

It Generally Allows For More Parking 

Painting the lines in a uniform fashion all the way across your parking lot generally creates more spaces for all of your customers to park. You can choose if you would like straight or angled parking spaces, depending on the layout of your parking lot, and what angle will create the most parking spaces safely. 

It Allows You To Create Special Parking Spaces

When you have a public parking lot, it is very important that you include some special parking spaces in your parking lot. One type of special space that you need to include are handicap spaces. These spaces need to be located close to the front of the store for those vehicles that have handicap signs hanging in them. When you have your stripes painted, these spaces will also include a blue handicap logo as well. You are also going to want to have spaces where diagonal yellow lines are painted to signify an area where parking is not allowed. If you'd like, you can also include spaces for police parking, employee parking, visitor parking, etc. by labeling the space. You can even have them painting arrows going up and down the parking lots so people know which way that they can drive down each parking lane. Lastly, you are going to want to have thick red lines painted onto the curbs with the words "no parking", wherever it is illegal for someone to park. 

If you have a lot you want to use for public parking, talk to a contractor like Gann Asphalt & Concrete to learn about what options are available for parking lot striping.