Parking Lot Maintenance

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When you own a commercial building, you have many duties. Maintaining the building's interior and exterior can take up a great deal of time and effort. As a result, you may not put enough work into keeping your parking lot in top shape. However, regular maintenance is necessary to keep your parking lot from deteriorating prematurely. 


Simply sweeping your lot regularly will slow down wear and tear on its surface. Small rocks, bits of glass, and other debris get ground into the asphalt and penetrate the surface, causing it to break down. Even your winter snow plowing can loosen particles, so after the lot has been cleared in the winter, you need to have it swept as well. 


Any commercial parking lot ends up with oil and fuel stains due to the customers' sometimes leaky vehicles. In fact, this leakage is a constant problem. You need to have your parking lot patrolled regularly and these stains removed promptly; otherwise, these corrosive substances will eat through the asphalt and cause ruts in the surface. Usually, liquid soap and water will take care of the problem. You can invest in products specially formulated to take care of these stains if you wish.  If too much damage occurs, you will have to have the area patched. 


Once the stains have been removed, you should fill any small cracks and crevices that you find, particularly right before winter strikes. Moisture gets into these openings, and the freeze/thaw cycle widens them and turns them into potholes that require more extensive repairs at the hands of a skilled professional.  


Your parking lot stripes will fade over time, making parking more difficult for your customers and upping the chances for parking lot collisions. You will need to have the stripes repainted every 12 to 18 months. Having this job done will make your parking lot safer and more attractive. Your customers will also have an easier time maneuvering in and out of the lanes.

Parking lot maintenance is one of the tasks you may tend to overlook. As a commercial building owner, you have many building maintenance responsibilities, so the shape of your parking lot may not be foremost on your mind. Your business will benefit by your following a regular schedule of maintenance duties. Have your parking lot swept and cleaned frequently and repair the small cracks promptly. Repaint when necessary, and when a larger problem arises, contact your paving contractor like one from AAA Paving and Sealing for an inspection.