Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Sealing Their Own Asphalt Driveway

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Even though having an asphalt driveway on your residential property can be beneficial for many reasons, this is one home feature that you will have to learn to tend to and maintain over time. Asphalt sealing will become an important maintenance topic to learn as a homeowner if you want to get the most longevity from the materials. Even though you can grab what you need to seal your driveway at the local home improvement or hardware store and find seemingly simple instructions online, asphalt sealing is a lot harder than most people realize. Here are a few of the biggest mistakes homeowners tend to make when sealing their own driveway. 

Mistake: Not taking the time to understand what temperatures will be the best for sealing. 

Why? Sealing a driveway is not a task that should be done in every type of weather. It is logical that you should be checking the forecast for rain, but you also have to understand that the correct temperature outdoors is also important. It is for this reason that most asphalt services perform sealing in the spring, summer and fall, when the asphalt will be warm enough to allow a proper bond with the sealer. 

Mistake: Buying the wrong sealer products. 

Why? Asphalt sealer is not just one product; there are many different forms of sealer that work best for different purposes. Asphalt-based sealers are the norm, but these are not very effective at actually sealing and protecting the asphalt. Most professionals use a sealant that contains coal tar emulsifiers, which work to fill tiny gaps and cracks and provide a uniform seal over the surface of the pavement. If you are unsure of which product you should use, it is always a good idea to consult a professional before you buy. 

Mistake: Using the wrong tools to apply the sealer materials. 

Why? Even though most asphalt sealing products will recommend that homeowners use a large rubber squeegee to apply and spread the sealant mixture, this is not a tool that a lot of homeowners will already have around. Therefore, it is not uncommon to try to use a wide push broom or another tool to spread the sealer onto the drive. While this will work, it will not give the drive a smooth finish. Plus, the broom bristles will cut grooves into the sealer that will compromise its effectiveness in the long run. 

Even though it is perfectly possible to seal your own driveway as a homeowner, the task can be a little more complicated than what many inexperienced homeowners think. If you are having difficulties sealing your asphalt driveway or you would just like to know more, talk to a professional asphalt service like Superior Asphalt Paving Inc for guidance and information.